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How to Do Business with DFW Airport

The DFW Airport Procurement and Materials Management (PMM) Department invites the supplier community to learn more about how to do business with DFW Airport and what business opportunities are currently available. The department is responsible for centralized procurement and materials management functions and ensures the availability of materials, supplies, equipment, professional and general services necessary to support the operation and maintenance of the Airport. The Airport supports and complies with all business inclusion and diversity requirements and policies.

Goals of DFW's PMM Department is to:

  • Purchase quality goods and services;
  • Obtain the best possible prices for goods and services;
  • Delivery of goods and services when and where needed;
  • Assure a continuing supply of needed goods and services;
  • Give suppliers a fair opportunity to compete for the Airport’s business.

Supplier Information

To view your current iSupplier profile, please click on the portal button. To view current solicitations, please click on solicitations button.

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Our Process

Suppliers are encouraged to participate in the DFW Airport procurement process by responding to the following methods of solicitation:

  • Request for Quote (Informal)
  • Request for Competitive Sealed Bid
  • Request for Competitive Sealed Proposal

Also, contract opportunities directly with DFW Airport as well as with firms who are awarded contracts with DFW Airport opportunities exist for the Architectural, Engineering & Construction business community through DFW’s Design, Code, and Construction Department.

The DFW Airport follows State of Texas procurement laws as they pertain to municipalities (primarily Local Government Code 252). Unless exempted under law, requirements for any goods or general services with an estimated cost in excess of $50,000 will be published in newspapers in both the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. These advertisements will be published once a week for two consecutive weeks, typically on Sundays, in the "classified legal notice" sections of said newspapers. In addition, a list of procurement opportunities will be posted on our website.

View current list of Solicitation Schedules

The Board strongly encourages MWBE (minority/women-owned business enterprise) firms to participate in solicitations and encourages joint venture bids that include MWBE firms.

Important Note: A Supplier’s participation in iSupplier does not guarantee that they will be notified of all business opportunities for which they are qualified nor is a guarantee that the Supplier will be awarded a purchase order or contract. Suppliers should check the DFW Airport website and/or obtain solicitation information from the local newspapers.

Code of Business Ethics

The competitive nature of public purchasing and the expenditures of significant amounts of public funds require strong ethical standards at all levels of the procurement function. Purchasing personnel and other stakeholder department staff face the challenging task of developing good supplier relationships and encouraging supplier competition while avoiding even the appearance of favoritism or other unethical conduct.

Review and become familiar with the DFW Code of Business Ethics Policy

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The Procurement and Materials Management (PMM) Department is pleased to post the following list of planned solicitations, active solicitations and bid solicitation results.