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Promoting an Environment of Safety

The Risk Management Department is responsible for supporting all aspects of the Airport through loss mitigation, absence management and the promotion of health and safety.

Education and Safety training are critical tools to prevent work related injuries and illnesses. Safety training assists in the development of skills to identify and react to potential situations. To ensure DFW employees are provided these necessary tools, Risk Management conducts periodic risk assessments to identify unsafe conditions and identify unsafe employee actions. Through these assessments, with the assistance of Safety Captains, department specific safety training is developed.

Report a hazard or incident

To assist with incident/hazard reporting, incidents and hazards can be submitted on the online portal. Submissions are handled confidentially. Those who choose to leave their contact information will receive a response.

Our Vision

To drive value to the business by fueling risk-based decision making, turning risk information into knowledge through the delivery of professional services and solutions guided by DFW’s best-in-class Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework.

ERM is a comprehensive, organization-wide process designed to assess and address risks and opportunities that may affect the ability of an organization to achieve strategic business objectives.

Risk Management ERM

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For general inquiries and more information regarding Risk Management, please email us or call us.

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