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Airport Driver Certification

DFW Airport Driver Certification

DFW airport provides a free training program for all drivers on the Air Operations Area (AOA) of the airport. The driver training and certification program is a part of DFW Airport Operations Technical Training (TechTrain) program and is offered to all drivers with access to the AOA free of charge. We offer certification for a number of different driver types.

Be trained and drive at the best airport in the world


Effective February 27, 2019, driver training became mandatory for all drivers on the AOA. Because of the size of the DFW community, and the number of SIDA badge holders with a need to operate a motor vehicle on the AOA, the training is being phased in over a period of two years. Non-Movement Area driver training is now being handled by Access DFW through an online training course that must be completed by all new and renewing drivers during the SIDA badging process.

The Access DFW office and Driver Simulators have moved to Terminal B, B17 (landside, outside security)

What is AOA?

The AOA is divided into two parts:

  • The Aircraft Movement Area (AMA), simply referred to as the Movement Area
  • The Non-Movement Area (NMA)

The Movement Area is heavily regulated by the FAA. It consists of the areas outside of the Non-Movement Area Boundary Marking and includes the taxiways and runways. All vehicle operators seeking unescorted access to the Movement Area must be authorized by the Vice President of Operations and must complete training prior to entering the Movement Area unescorted. An AMA driver training and certification program is a part of DFW Airport Operations Technical Training (TechTrain) and is offered to all qualified drivers free of charge.

The Non-Movement Area consists of those areas within the Non-Movement Area Boundary Marking and includes the ramps around the central terminal buildings and the ramps around the hangars and cargo facilities.

SIDA Badges

While we do work closely with Access DFW for certain driver requirements, we are not primarily responsible for setting up or issuing your SIDA (Security Identification Display Area) badge. If you need more information or are looking to obtain a SIDA badge, please visit the Badging page for more information.

Vehicle Permits

Access DFW is also responsible for permitting vehicles that will be entering the AOA without an escort. AOA permits, including AOA Vehicle Access Permits, Temporary AOA Vehicle Access Permits and AOA Equipment Permits, are the means by which motor vehicles and ground handling equipment are authorized to enter and/or be on the AOA. Vehicles and ground handling equipment entering security gates, commonly referred to as “AOA gates,” must display valid, unexpired AOA permits or be under escort by an agent of the Airport Board, or a representative of the airlines or a tenant responsible for the AOA gate through which the vehicle or ground handling equipment is entering. All vehicles entering through an AOA gate and ground handling equipment being brought into the AOA are subject to inspection by security personnel. More information can be found on Access DFW Badging. View AOA permits HERE.

How to Register and Enroll in a Class

Go the LearningHub website

  1. You will need a computer with access to the Internet. The required training and exams are only available online.
  2. Go to www.dfwairport.com/learninghub.
  3. If this is your first time to visit the LearningHub, you will need to create a new account. Find the link on the page that says New Users Only: click here to register for a new account and click on that link.
  4. Fill out all of the required fields and click Submit to create your account. We suggest that you write these down as you will need to return to the LearningHub on multiple occasions.
  5. Find the required curriculum by clicking on “Find Learning” and typing “non-movement” in the search box. DO NOT click on “Simulator Non-Movement Area/Conces…” Hover your mouse over “Non-Movement Area Driver Qualification curriculum” and click “Self Assign Curriculum”

Note: If you cannot remember your User ID or Password upon return, do not create a new account. This duplicate account will not have access to your previous learning history and will make it difficult for us to assist you if needed.

Questions? Contact the DFW Technical Training Group.

You can send an email to the entire Technical Training group by emailing techtrain@dfwairport.com


Airfield Driver Training FAQs

Q. I need non-movement driver training, what should I do?

DFW Board Employees needing a Non-Movement Area driving endorsement are required to complete training assigned to them in the DFW Learning Hub and on the IETS training website. Additionally, they are required to pass a driving simulator assessment every 24 months. Register for a driving test on the DFW Learning Hub. Please contact _techtrain@dfwairport.com if you have additional questions.

Drivers not employed by DFW Airport Board are required to complete the Non-Movement Area Initial or the Non-Movement Area Recurrent training assigned to them on the DFW IETS training website. Drivers who are not employed by DFW Airport Board are NOT required to complete the driving simulator test. For more information or to obtain your IETS training log in credentials, please contact your company’s Authorized Signatory or Access DFW at 972-973-5100 accessdfw@dfwairport.com

Q. What training is required to taxi aircraft in the AMA?

In order to receive the certification to move aircraft in the AMA, all users must complete a battery of online training courses through the DFW Learning Hub. Many of these courses are recurrent and must be retaken online EVERY YEAR to maintain certification. In addition to this, Movement Area certified drivers must complete a simulated driving scenario every two years. In addition to the simulation and e-learning, you must ALSO complete the online Non-Movement Area training that all Non-Movement area drivers complete through the Access DFW system. The Learning Hub training is assigned to you by Operations Technical Training staff upon your approval to participate in the program.

If you need to obtain your UPID or have forgotten it, please contact Access DFW at accessdfw@dfwairport.com or 972-973-5100.

Q. Why do you not offer afternoon sessions?

For those working late or overnight shifts who cannot make it into a morning session, special arrangements can sometimes be made if we know in advance. We can schedule a special session between the hours of 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM.

Contact techtrain@dfwairport.com if you would like to request an afternoon session.

Q. I do not wish to have the movement, or non-movement, or Goldhofer certification and keep receiving email reminders. How do I have my certification removed?

Movement privileges are assigned based on your job title or duties, per the DFW Airport Board or your company’s leadership. But, if you wish to remove any of these certifications, please contact your authorized signatory who will send an email to rcolbert@dfwairport.com to have the privilege removed from your profile upon request/approval.

Q. I cannot register for the Driver Simulator Assessment. What do I do?

The likely answer is that you have not completed the required training for your simulator. Each simulator has a certain number of online training requirements. Until these are completed, the button you would normally use to register for an online course will say something like “YOU HAVE UNMET PRE…” This text is cut off but is meant to tell you that you have unmet prerequisites to complete the course. Once the prerequisite courses are complete, the button will change to show REGISTER NOW and you can sign-up for a session.

For new movement or non-movement credential recipients, make sure that you have completed all DFW EIT training assigned by Access DFW. Additionally, if you do not see any training pertaining to your certification (movement, non-movement, goldhofer, etc.) please have your authorized signatory reach out to Robert Colbert at rcolbert@dfwairport.com to request a review of your profile.

Q. I do not see any simulator courses on the schedule.

We schedule Simulator sessions several months in advance. In the unlikely event that there are no courses available, please email techtrain@dfwairport.com.

Q. I cannot make my scheduled session, what do I do?

Simply go online and log into your account on the LearningHub. The button on your course will say ENROLLED. Click on the arrow to the right of this button and choose Withdraw. Confirm your withdrawal and then choose No when asked if you want to remove the course from you learning assignments. You can then go back to your home page and register for a new session. If you simply do not show up for a session, you will not be able to sign up for a session within the next 5 days.

Q. What happens if I fail any of my driver simulator tests including the pretest?

If you fail the Movement Area Simulator Pretest, you will be able to sign up for a class five or more days after the date failure in order to give you time to study the material after which you will be able to register for the next available date.

If you fail the Movement Area Simulator, the system will allow you to register for a retake of the test five or more days after the failed attempt date. Please study all movement area coursework to prepare for the test before returning.

If you fail the Non-Movement Area Simulator, the system will allow you to register for a retake of the test two or more days after the failed attempt date. Please study all non-movement area coursework to prepare for the test before returning.

Q. I heard that the simulator will make you sick. Is that true?

You will be happy to learn that we have made some upgrades and improvements to our system, with many more to come. We have also adjusted the lighting in the room to reduce the causes of dizziness. However, if after attempting to complete your driver simulator in our classroom you feel sick, you must immediately alert the instructor who will follow up with you regarding alternative measures including a live check ride assessment.

Note: If a live check ride assessment is approved, the proctor will carry out a rigorous verbal test that will verify that you have the knowledge necessary to operate a vehicle in the movement and/or non-movement areas, prior to the live check ride assessment. Additionally, you will be responsible for having a AOA compliant vehicle with a beacon, two 2-way radios for tower and airport operation communications. You will also need to make sure to bring your current drivers’ license.

Directions to the Driver Simulation Center

The Driver Simulation Center is located at Terminal B, gate B17 next to Access DFW. Parking is available at the terminal B section B parking garage.

Tips for a Successful Test

Thoroughly review all course materials and the manual for your certification. For the movement certification, you will be required to pass a written pretest before moving on to the driver simulator assessment.

If you would like to review a map of AMA prior to your driving test, use the following links:

Tips for the day of your test:
  • Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.
  • Enter terminal B at the B17 entrance and check in with the Access DFW greeter. Advise them you are there for a simulator check ride and they will direct you to our waiting area.
  • You must be in the Access DFW waiting area at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.
  • Users on the wait list will be added to the class 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time which means that if you are not there, you may lose your seat to a user on stand-by.
  • All simulator sessions will begin promptly at the scheduled start time. If you are late you cannot join the session. The monitoring of the simulators is a manual process and requires all of the instructor’s attention. Once the session begins, we simply cannot open the door and register other users. Late arrivals will need to go online to the LearningHub and register for another session.
  • Please bring a valid driver’s license. You do not need to present your SIDA badge.
  • Do not bring notes or maps with you to your session. These materials are not allowed in the room. Maps and other necessary way-finding materials will be provided.
  • The use of cell-phones is prohibited in the classroom. Please turn off or silence all mobile devices and radios before entering the simulation room.
  • Listen carefully to your instructor’s pre-briefing and follow all of the instructions you are given. They are designed to help you get the best experience possible out of your driver simulation.


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