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AOA Permits

AOA Vehicle Permits

AOA Permits are decals that allow a vehicle or equipment onto the Air Operations Area. These permits are only issued to active companies who have authorization to drive on the AOA.

The permits must be requested by the Authorized Signatory. When permits are ready for pick up, Access DFW will send an email to the AS.

What type of permit do I need? There are three different permit types:

  1. Annual Vehicle Permit – Choose this vehicle permit if your company is an airline tenant, government agency, Airport concessionaire or the Airport Board; or if your company is a contractor or vendor whose contract or agreement expires on the last day of the calendar year (e.g.: contract expires on 12/31/2019).
  2. Temporary – Choose this vehicle permit if your company is a contractor or vendor whose contract or agreement expires before the last day of the calendar year (e.g.: contract expires on 9/30/2019)
  3. Equipment – Choose this equipment permit for ground handling equipment that will remain on the SIDA and will not traverse through AOA gates after being brought into the SIDA.

How do I pay for the permit? Permit fees will be charged at the time the permits are issued. If your company has a credit card on file with Access DFW, your card will be charged, and permits will be issued so they are ready for pick-up. If there is no card on file, you will need to bring a credit card for payment with you to Access DFW. The card will then be charged and permits issued while you wait. Please note that refunds are not issued for permits.

If you would like to place your company credit card on file with Access DFW, please send an email to AccessPayment@dfwairport.com.

How long does it take to issue permits? When requesting a permit, please ensure that all fields in SAFE are completed. Missing information may delay issuance of your permits. If information is missing, Access DFW staff will email you requesting the missing information. If there is no response to the email within five business days, the request will be cancelled.

Please allow two to three business days for permit processing and issuance. Access DFW will contact you by email when the permits are ready to be picked up.


The Authorized Signatory for your company must upload a copy of your company’s Acord Certificate of Liability Insurance to SAFE. This will serve as proof that your company’s insurance policy meets the Airport Board’s insurance requirements for AOA access.

All policies must be written through a licensed company authorized by the Texas State Board of Insurance to transact that class of insurance business in the State of Texas, with a minimum rating of ‘A-‘ ‘VII’ by A. M. Best Company. If the rating of any insurer should fall below this standard, you must promptly replace the policy by an acceptable insurer.

Commercial General Liability (CGL) Limit Any One Occurrence........................ $1,000,000

CGL must be written on an "Occurrence Form."

Business Automobile Liability

Combined Single Limit for Each Accident.......................................... $500,000

Coverage must apply to all vehicles (owned, non-owned, or hired) operating on our site/location, or transporting our people or property off our site.

Excess / Umbrella Liability

Air Operations Area (within AOA)................................................ $10,000,000

Coverage must apply in excess of all required primary Liability insurance and must be at least as broad as the underlying Liability insurance.

This coverage limit may be satisfied by adding the amounts of CGL and Excess/Umbrella Liability to arrive at a total of $10,000,000. The same is applicable for Business Auto Liability and Excess/Umbrella Liability to arrive at a total of $10,000,000.


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