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Welcome to #OneDFW
Congratulations to one of our quarterly winners, Clementine!

We want to thank Clementine Sinzumunsi, one of our custodial contractors, for going above and beyond to help a child in Terminal D!

Clementine noticed a little girl sitting in a corner by a fountain just outside a women's restroom. The girl had entered the restroom from the opposite side of where her dad was waiting for her, and neither one realized the restroom had two entrances.

As she was cleaning the restroom, Clementine noticed the little girl sitting alone on the floor by the fountain. She asked the little girl if she was trying to find her dad. The little girl nodded. Clementine then escorted the little girl through the restroom and out the other entrance to where her dad was anxiously waiting. Both were very grateful to be reunited!

Thank you for being you, Clementine! 🧡 We are proud to have you as part of our #OneDFW team and love the way you took the initiative to show this family that we care.

Clementine Sinzumunsi