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When Anitra Jones Sees Something, She Says Something

skinny spacer We are all #OneDFW and we are emboldened to do the right thing.

Anitra Jones, Airport customer experience specialist, was recognized by Chief Jon “JT” Taylor, DFW Police Services, recently for creating a safer, more secure workplace. Anitra exemplified how we are all #OneDFW.

Anitra noticed a person displaying suspicious behavior while conducting her normal work. She realized the situation could be serious and reported it to DPS. Anitra saw something and said something that made a safe and secure difference.

DFW customers, partners, employees and communities trust the Airport to do the right thing. Anitra embraced DFW core belief that Trust is Everything by taking responsibility and owning the situation. She showed that #OneDFW means maintaining a proactive focus on safety and security for everyone at the Airport.

moments of wow - Anitra


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