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A Demonstration of True Dedication to the Customer

DFW customers are all our customers. We are #OneDFW.

When Rachel Moore, Airport customer experience specialist, was heading to Terminal E Satellite one afternoon recently, she didn’t know her next encounter was going to mean the world to one of our customers.

A woman approached the pair in tears with a look of desperation. Sadly, her husband and son had tragically passed away, and she was trying to find her flight so she could get to them.

Without hesitation Rachel stepped forward to assist. She told the woman she was sorry for her loss and would get her to where she needed to be. Checking her boarding pass, Rachel found that the woman’s flight to Orlando was leaving soon out of Terminal C.

Rachel accompanied the distraught woman to gate C17, all the while consoling her and trying to help her feel at ease. Rachel listened intently as the woman talked on the way to the gate. They arrived with 20 minutes to spare. The woman thanked Rachel and said, “I would have not made it here without you, my brain is so frazzled.” Rachel showed her to the closest restroom, offered to get her something to eat or drink, and to wait with her until boarding. The woman declined, thanking Rachel again and saying she would be OK.

Throughout this emotionally intense situation, Rachel’s demonstration of compassion and helpfulness shows the impact of #OneDFW on one of our customers.

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