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JD Stotts' Actions Avert Customer’s Heartbreak

We’re all #OneDFW. A lost bag, a series of busses and a determined Guest Transportation Supervisor create a memorable DFW experience for one customer.

The customer inadvertently left his bag on a Rental Car Bus and asked Guest Transportation for assistance. That’s when JD Stotts, Guest Transportation supervisor, jumped into action. JD walked with the customer to the Rental Car bus stop zone at Terminal C to help find the bag as Rental Car busses stopped on their routes. When the first bus arrived, the driver verified the bag was not on her bus. She radioed the fleet to check for the bag.

Meanwhile, JD engaged in conversation with the customer to set him at ease and help him keep calm. JD learned the customer was a military veteran and that the bag contained important documents – including the customer’s travel documents. What JD learned next underscored the importance of finding the missing bag. The customer was also transporting his mother’s ashes, which were in the bag.

JD expressed his condolences to the customer and thanked him for his service. To help maintain the customer’s calm, JD continued to talk with him, checking his flight information. Soon, another Rental Car bus arrived. The customer recognized the driver, who stepped off the bus with the missing bag. Relieved, the customer expressed his gratitude to JD and thanked everyone involved for their help before proceeding to check in.

Thank you, JD, for exemplifying customer service!

Moment of Wow - JD Stotts


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