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Covert Entry Specialist Courses

Covert Entry Specialist I
Dates: December 6-7, 2021

Covert Entry Specialist II
Dates: December 8-10, 2021

Course Descriptions:

C.E. Specialist I: This 2-day course* is designed to teach the skills, tactics and techniques required to conduct physical security system penetration via surreptitious and covert entry techniques. Students will learn how to pick, circumvent and/or by-pass locks, devices and physical security systems designed to secure structures and property - then leave undetected. This skill set is also referred to as 'stealth breaching' and 'subtle breaching.'

C.E. Specialist II: This 3-day advanced course* teaches progressive techniques utilized in conducting covert entries. The subject matter includes advanced lock picking techniques and equipment, duplication, decoding, deciphering and circumvention of locks and systems, such as biometric locks, high security locks, electronic controlled access systems, residential and commercial security alarm systems, as well as some techniques solely developed and instructed by Loct Associates, LLC. Our advanced course also covers intelligence gathering, planning and executing a covert entry operation.

Both courses also cover ‘counter-physical security penetration techniques’ necessary for the student to conduct physical security assessments of existing buildings, structures and security systems. This subject matter is also commonly referred to as ‘target hardening.’

*NOTE: To attend our advanced 3-day course, students must have completed our 2-day course.

Students Receive:

C.E. Specialist I: Each student receives a lock pick set, note taking materials, a Loct USB drive with resource materials and a certificate of completion, along with techniques for bypassing and circumventing locks and lock systems.

C.E. Specialist II: Each student received note taking materials, a Loct USB drive with advance resource materials and a certificate of completion.

Who should attend?
Personnel, such as: federal agents/Homeland security personnel, patrol officers, detectives, SWAT/tactical operators, narcotics officers, probation and parole officers, as well as military/special forces members or anyone working in a related field, where these types of entry techniques prove valuable. The subtle breaching techniques learned in this course can greatly benefit the following missions/operations:

Search warrants
Consent searches (but no keys avail.)
Est. surveillance & observation posts
Probation & parole searches
Patrol calls – access secured areas
Access to areas for H.R.T. staging
SWAT stealth entry
Set-up sniper team positions
Human trafficking
Vehicle searches/entry
Arrest warrant service
Sneak & peek warrants

Aside from the tactical advantages listed above, this training also provides students with the foundation to develop expertise with investigating and identifying methods, tools and techniques criminals may also be utilizing to gain access. This same knowledge and training also provides personnel with the ability to ‘assess’ their own structures or facilities for ‘exploitable weaknesses’ in their existing physical security systems and/or procedures in place. This skill set is referred to as ‘target hardening.’

__Location: __
DFW Airport Police Department
DFW DPS Headquarters - Yellow Rose Room
3600 S. 20th Ave
DFW Airport, TX 75261

Course Hours:
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - ALL DAYS

__Course Tuition: __
C.E. Specialist I: $410 (2 days)
C.E. Specialist II: $650 (3 days)
C.E. Specialist I & II: $1,060 (5 days)

__To Register: __
Please go to www.loct-associates.net and click on the 'Registration Form' tab on the righthand side of the page. Fill out the ‘Request Reg. Form’ information and indicate which course location you prefer, then click ‘Submit.” The specific course registration forms will be emailed back to you, along with additional information.

Student reservation is based upon receipt of the course registration form (see below) but is not guaranteed until receipt of registration payment.

PLEASE READ: Please bring proper official identification/credentials with you to the course. No one other than the named registered attendee will be allowed to attend the course, unless prior approval is received from Loct Associates, LLC.

Hotel Accommodations:
A map, recommended hotel and other appropriate information will be emailed along with the course registration form, as well as payment instructions.

__For questions/comments, please contact us at: __
L.O.C.T. Associates, LLC
P.O. Box 80931
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
Office: (760) 887-2892


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