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Unless you’re planning on streaming video content for free a la Tik Tok or YouTube, steer clear from launching any new business or major change initiative before the outbreak of a global pandemic. Oh yes, hindsight is 20-20. DFW Airport launched its air cargo community system-The DFW Cargo Cloud – a collaborative data sharing platform across the airport’s cargo ecosystem enabling seamless communication across all stakeholders in the supply chain.

The DFW Cargo Cloud was launched in Feb 2020 just before the covid-19 outbreak, and was immediately shelved due to the widespread impact and uncertainties about the future resulting from the pandemic. In 3Q 2020, the DFW cargo team took it off the shelf, dusted it off and added the highly effective slot booking app for truckers and forwarders. The initial uptake was slow but once tried and tested by some of our key partners, the results were undeniable.

Slot booking appointments are being handled in as quickly as 20 minutes from truck arrival until truck departure from the cargo warehouse. The DFW Cargo Cloud is showing its value and getting some positive traction in our cargo community.

For more information and how to join please contact Bill Nesbit or Karen Herberger cargo@dfwairport.com