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Badge Procedures

Badge Application Process

The badging process starts with the company’s Authorized Signatory (AS) who submits the new employee’s information into the system via the AS portal or sends a link to the new employee to complete for themselves. Once the badging application is complete, the AS can prompt the applicant to schedule the first appointment. Each applicant/badge holder can review their application status by using the Application Status button found on our website. Each employee should utilize their Authorized Signatory as the primary point of contact on the badging process.

Acceptable Documentation (Identity and Employment Authorization Documents)

We want to issue your badge. It’s our reason for being.

When we issue a badge, we’re happy, you’re happy, your employer is happy. But here’s the tough part – we’re bound by federal regulations to verify that you are who you say you are, and that you are eligible to work in the U.S. If you don’t bring the right document(s), we can’t issue a badge. Please help us avoid that by reading the information below and the frequently asked questions will assist any additional questions.

Escort Privilege

Only SIDA Airport ID Badge holders with Escort privileges may provide escort into the SIDA and Sterile Area. This authority is determined by the Authorized Signatory based on an employee’s job duties and responsibilities. The number of badge holders with Escort privileges must be tightly controlled the Authorized Signatory. Staff who are performing escort duties must be reminded that:

  • Beginning January 1st, 2024, an individual can only be escorted for a maximum of 14 calendar days within a one calendar year (Calendar Year: January to December). Once an individual reaches 14 days (Calendar Year: January to December), they will be required to have a valid Airport ID badge to enter again.
  • Individuals requiring an escort into Secured/SIDA or Sterile Areas must be for official business only and will not be permitted to exceed 14 calendar days total within a one calendar year.
  • Escorted individuals must be continuously accompanied and monitored while in the SIDA and Sterile Area. Those being escorted must be within visual and audible distance of their escort at all times.
  • Escorted access is permitted for those who have not been issued a SIDA badge provided they have an acceptable, valid government picture ID and are properly escorted by an individual possessing a valid Airport ID Badge with Escort authority, designated by either an “E” for Escort or an “A” indicating an armed law enforcement officer.
  • Badge holders who have been issued a badge, but have misplaced, lost, or forgotten it, may NOT be escorted. Before escorting a person, ensure they are not carrying any prohibited items
  • An Airport ID Badge holder may pass responsibility for an escorted person to another badge holder having Escort authority after briefing the individual on the purpose of the escort and receiving acknowledgment that the badge holder will assume responsibility for continuing the escort.
  • Individuals cannot escort more than five persons without the approval of the Airport Security Coordinator.
Security Check

An applicant’s or badge holder’s access privileges may be denied, suspended, or revoked for a violation of Federal, State or Local laws, or the Airport Security Program.

Access privileges may also be denied or suspended while the applicant or badge holder is a party of interest or a suspect in an active criminal investigation, or when the Criminal History Records Check results disclose that the applicant or badge holder has been indicted, charged, convicted, or received deferred adjudication for a Felony or Class A Misdemeanor.

Applicants and badge holders are required to report any subsequent arrests, indictments, charges, or convictions to the Access DFW at AccessCHRC@dfwairport.com immediately and to surrender their security identification badge to Access DFW.

You may complete or challenge the accuracy of the information contained in your FBI identification record. Procedures for obtaining a change, correction, or updating of an FBI identification record are set forth in 28 CFR 16.34; 28 CFR 50.12(b).

If, after reviewing your identification record, you believe that it is incorrect or incomplete in any respect and wish to change, correct or update the alleged deficiency, you should make application directly to the agency which contributed the questioned information. You may also direct your challenge as to the accuracy or completeness of any entry on your record to the FBI, Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division, ATTN: SCU, Mod. D–2, 1000 Custer Hollow Road, Clarksburg, WV 26306. The FBI will then forward the challenge to the agency which submitted the data requesting that agency to verify or correct the challenged entry. Upon the receipt of an official communication directly from the agency which contributed the original information, the FBI CJIS Division will make any changes necessary in accordance with the information supplied by that agency; 28 CFR 16.34.

Failure to Return Airport ID Badges

All Airport ID Badges belong to DFW and must be surrendered or returned upon request or upon termination. Unless a demand for immediate surrender has been made, an Airport ID Badge must be returned to Access DFW as soon as possible, but not later than 5 business days from the date the Airport ID Badge is deactivated. Failure to return Airport ID badges could result to fees or civil penalties being accessed to the company or Authorized Signatory.

If an applicant applies for an Airport ID Badge for another employer and the Airport ID Badge from a previous employer has not been returned to Access DFW, a new Airport ID Badge will not be issued until the previous badge is returned. Failure to return an Airport ID badge could result in fees being accessed and possibly a Class C misdemeanor criminal offense.

Badge holders attest to the following statement when they receive a badge:
Failure to Return Security Credentials:

  • My signature below indicates that I have read and understood the following:
  • Failure to Return Security Credentials Statement:
  • I understand and acknowledge that it is a criminal offense (class C misdemeanor) to fail to return DFW Airport Security Credentials upon cessation or termination of employment at DFW Airport or upon notice from the DFW Airport Board that such security credentials have been revoked. DFW Airport Board Rules and Regulations Section 3-22.
Deactivating Badges

A company’s Authorized Signatory (AS) is responsible for immediately deactivating a badge when an employee is terminated, no longer needs access privileges, or a badge is lost or stolen.

All badges issued by Access DFW are the property of DFW Airport. Per federal regulations, Authorized Signatories are responsible for suspending and collecting – or making reasonable efforts to collect – a badge immediately upon an employee’s termination. Failure to do so could result in civil penalties up to $14,950.

Authorized Signatories should use the SAFE AS portal to deactivate a badge immediately of the employee’s termination. If the AS is not available, call the DPS non-emergency number at 972 973 3210 and ask to speak with a Tactical Communications Supervisor regarding badge deactivation.


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