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Customer Resources

If you would like a step by step guide to our online schedule please check out our guide, How to Schedule an Appointment

All badge holders are required to complete Security Training prior to new badge issuance (including 2nd badge) or badge renewal. All trainings are offered 100% remotely with the exception of security violations which will be completed in the Access DFW training room. Some courses are offered in Spanish as well as English.

Authorized Signatory Resources

AS Manual The AS Manual is a resource to help Authorized Signatories understand and fulfill their responsibilities, which are defined by Federal Airport rules and regulations. The AS SAFE Guidebook is a manual to operate within Access DFW’s badging software, SAFE, and is included at the end of the Authorized Signatory Manual. For a copy of the AS Manual please email your request to accessdfw@dfwairport.com.

Customs and Border Protection Air Security Area Employers who have employees working in the CBP Air Security Area must maintain bonds in accordance with CBP bond requirements and must email required quarterly reports to CBP.

For questions regarding CBP Air Security Area access, bond requirements or quarterly reports, send an email to dfwairportairsec@cbp.dhs.gov or call CBP at 972 456 2290.

Access Change Request Form All access is automatically assigned in SAFE. Individuals needing access through additional doors or vehicle gates should contact their company’s Authorized Signatory. The AS must complete the Access Change Request Form below and submit the request to the specialaccess@dfwairport.com mailbox.

High-Security Keys, Intellikeys, and Genies

Authorized Signatories can request High Security keys, Genies, and Intellikeys for employees who require them. It is important to remember these things:

  • Once issued, Genies and keys are tracked and accounted for just like Airport ID Badges.
  • Each Genie and key is coded with a unique serial number for tracking and accountability purposes.
  • Keys are issued to individuals and are non-transferable.
  • Each Genie is issued to the vehicle and are non-transferable.
  • Unauthorized reproduction is not permitted.
  • Key holders shall not mark a key with a lock core number in any way.
  • Submit original applications to our office.

Key holders, or the Authorized Signatory, must immediately notify Access DFW when a Genie, high security key, or Intellikey is lost, stolen, is not returned when a key holder terminates employment, or when a key holder transfers to a position that no longer requires the key. Genies, High Security keys, and Intellikeys must be returned to Access DFW immediately when they are no longer required or recovered.

Applications and Suspension form for can be found on Connected via the App Hub for DPS.

Sample Applicant Attestation Authorized Signatories must attest that an applicant acknowledges their responsibilities as badge holders. Please view our sample attestation Sample Attestation [IF GIVEN IN PERSON] To- Badge Applicant. 49 Code of Federal Regulations The Code of Federal Regulations is the general and permanent federal regulations from which DFW Airport is regulated.

49 Code of Federal Regulations The Code of Federal Regulations Title 49 is the general and permanent federal regulations from which DFW Airport is regulated.


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