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Making Walking a Part of your Travel Path

Check out our new walking paths of fitness and fun.

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At DFW, we are continuously stepping up your travel experience. From healthy amenities to nutritious dining options, what better way to step up your fitness journey than on foot at the Airport?


DFW Airport’s land mass is similar to the island of Manhattan; however, we don’t expect you to walk our entire Airport.  We’ve rounded up a few walking routes in order to take in the scenery and get as many steps in as possible. 


If it’s not a walk in the park, it’s definitely a walk in our terminals!


  1. From Stretch to Shopping: Start off by stretching at the Yoga Studio in Terminal D at Gate D40. After you’re done, make your way towards Gate D20 where you can see the new Duty Free two-level store featuring luxury shopping. We recommend walking upstairs and checking out the scenic view at the top, where you can rest on the comfortable seating areas and relax to the classical sounds of the piano. After that, head downstairs to see the rest of Terminal D walking towards Gate D10. If you want to change terminals at any time during your walk, we recommend taking the stairs to the Skylink station instead of using the escalator (closest station located at Gate D8). Total Steps: 1,850

Tip: Add Minute Suites at Gate D23 as another stop on your stroll. They offer showers and a place for a quick nap. 


  1. From Serenity to Sentimental: After relaxing at the The Bubble Lounge by Coke in Terminal A at Gate A13 (another location is in Terminal E at Gate E13), walk towards XpresSpa to get a quick, 15-minute stress tension relief massage to melt the worries away. After you’re done, walk towards the Terminal A and C connector bridge. Get your pen ready because you’ll come upon a large “Wall of Thanks” banner where thousands of customers have signed their personal messages of gratitude to our fallen and active service men and women. Total Steps: 1,500

Tip: Take in the natural light while walking through any of DFW’s connector bridges. Even small amounts of Vitamin D will help you stay healthy!


  1. From Breakfast to Best Views: Breakfast is an essential part of obtaining energy to take on the day.  If you’re flying out early, head to Terminal E at Gate E8 and enjoy a delicious meal from IHOP’s low-calorie menu. When finished, walk towards the high numbered gates to see the newest renovations that DFW has completed. Head towards the Skylink station at Gate E32 and take the train towards Terminal D. If it’s early enough, you may catch a glimpse of a DFW sunrise over the Airport’s runways. Total Steps: 1,600

Tip: If you have more time, visit the Interfaith Chapel at Gate E4 to regain some needed peace or meditation. 


To plan ahead and make a list of others stops along your trek, use DFW’s Journey Planner


*Number of steps on these walking paths can vary on an individual basis. 

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