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Terminal A Request for Proposals

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Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for multiple concession locations throughout Terminal A, including:
  • 24 retail shops
  • 15 food & beverage operations
  • 4 passenger services
  • 10+ shoe shine locations
Proposal Due Dates
Due to the November 23, 2010 announcement that DFW Airport will provide natural gas service to Food & Beverage locations in Terminal A, the submissions deadlines have been extended for most Food & Beverage locations. The Terminal A submission deadlines appear below:

Extension of Proposal Due Date
Due to the Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday on January 17, 2011, the due date for Food & Beverage proposals (excluding Package FB05, Gelato or Frozen Yogurt) has been moved to January 18, 2011.
Proposals Due
December 17, 2010
Proposals Due
January 18, 2011
All RetailAll Remaining
Food & Beverage Packages
(Except Package FB05)
All Passenger Services 
Package FB05
(Gelato or Frozen Yogurt)

On each due date, proposals must be delivered by 2:00 p.m. CST to:
DFW Procurement Warehouse
3122 E. 30th Street
DFW Airport, TX 75261

Phone: 972 973 5600
Email: bellis@dfwairport.com  

Request for Proposal Documents
 pdf iconRequest for Proposal - 09.22.2010
 pdf iconAttachment 1 - Proposal Package Directory (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconAttachment 2 - Draft Concession Lease Agreement (Revised 12.29.2010)
 pdf iconAttachment 3 – Terminal A Map (Revised 12.1.2010)
 pdf iconTerminal A Profile Information
  pdf icon
Food & Beverage
 pdf iconFB01 Fresh Market Deli (Revised 12.1.2010)
 pdf iconFB02 Asian (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconFB03 Tex Mex-Latin (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconFB04 Barbeque (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconFB05 Gelato or Frozen Yogurt (Revised 11.19.2010)
 pdf iconFB06 Upscale Sportsbar or Brewhouse (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconFB07 Healthy Grill (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconFB08 Gourmet Fresh Burgers (Revised 12.1.2010)
 pdf iconFB09 Wine Bar (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconFB10 Pizza-Italian (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconFB11 Deli-Bakery (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconFB12 Baked Goods (Revised 11.19.2010)
 pdf iconFB13 Pretzels (Revised 12.1.2010)
 pdf iconFB14 Upscale Tapas Bar & Espresso Lounge (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconRTL01 News-Books-Cafe & Women's Apparel (Revied 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconRTL02 Men's & Women's Apparel (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconRTL03 News & Tea (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconRTL04 News-Books-Cafe (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconRTL05 News-Cafe  Convenience Store  Toy Store (Revised 12.1.2010)
 pdf iconRTL06 Candy Retail (Revised11.08.2010)
 pdf iconRTL07 Store within Store & Sports Apparel (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconRTL08 Accessories (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconRTL09 Soaps & Scents (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconRTL10 Electronics - Music - Games (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconRTL11 Store within a Store & Luggage-Travel Accessories (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconRTL12 Fashion Jewelry (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconRTL13 Health and Wellness - Related Retail (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconRTL14 Destination Themed Gifts (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconRTL15 Sporting Goods-Sporting Theme (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconSVC01 Business Center (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconSVC02 Shoe Shines (Revised 12.1.2010)
 pdf iconSVC03 Bank (Revised 11.08.2010)
 pdf iconSVC04 Salon-Spa (Revised 11.08.2010)

Click here to visit the main DFW Airport Concessions page,
where we will post:
  • Questions and answers
  • Addenda (if necessary)
  • Important dates
Click here for information to assist you in preparing your
RFP, including:
  • Concessions workshop presentations
  • Background on the Terminal Renovation and Improvement Program (TRIP)
  • Links to financial resources
  • Links to informational videos  

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