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Pollution Prevention at Home

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While all airport employees have a responsibility to comply with environmental regulations, best management practices, and other pollution prevention initiatives at work, we all have a duty to take on those same responsibilities while at home. A few of the ways that we may achieve this are included in the list below:

1. Energy Reduction Replacing old appliances with an energy-efficient product can save a family about $400 a year while reducing our emissions of greenhouse gases. Whether you are looking to replace old appliances, remodel, or buy a new house, you can help. ENERGY STAR is the government's backed symbol for energy efficiency. Click here for additional information on Energy Star products.

2. Save Water Use your sprinkler systems responsibly or better recycle your roof drainage and use for lawn care, fix your leaking lines and valves, turn off your faucets when not in use. Ways to minimize water pollution include collecting pet waste, reduce use of fertilizers, pesticides, and other common chemicals, and wash your vehicles at the car wash and not in your drive-way. Click here for additional information.

3. Waste Reduction The average person discards about 4 pounds of waste material a day. Reusing items can be more beneficial to the environment than recycling because items will not have to be reprocessed. Items may be reused by simply repairing them, selling them, or donating them to charity. Other methods that can be used to reduce waste generation include composting and disposing of chemical waste responsibly at Environmental Chemical Centers.

Click here for additional information for the City of Fort Worth.
Click here for additional information for the City of Dallas.

4. Recycle Recycling is one of the most valuable means to reduce the generation of waste and protect our natural resources. Click here for additional information.

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