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Proud to Be Plastic Straw Free

Single-use Plastic Straws Discontinued in Terminals

As a part of DFW’s continual effort to reduce its environmental footprint, our concessionaires began to phase out single-use plastic straws at all terminal locations Sept. 16.
Restaurants are being encouraged to provide a naturally degradable straw alternative to customers upon request and offer reusable straw products for customer purchase.
With the implementation of this initiative, DFW Airport will achieve 16 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This will fulfill the requirements for Goal 12, “Responsible Consumption and Production,” and Goal 14, DFW’s newest U.N. Goal achievement “Life Below Water.”  

Q. What is the single-use plastic phase-out?

DFW Airport, in partnership with our concessionaires and business partners, will phase out all single use plastic straws in all five terminals.

Q. When will plastic straws be phased out?

The phase out will begin mid-September but we do expect for it to take a bit of time for the straws to be eliminated, this initiative will be a major adjustment giv-en that we currently use more than 4.25 million annually!

Q. Why is the airport phasing out plastic straws?

  • At DFW we see ourselves as environmental stewards and work continually to find new ways to reduce our environmental footprint. That’s why we are taking steps to remove single-use plastic straws from our terminals.
  • Single-use plastic straws are not recyclable because their small size is incompatible with current recycling machinery. Because of this, straws thrown into recycling bins cause contamination in DFW’s recycling stream. Once in the environment, they persist and often end up in our oceans and waterways.
  • As part of our local community and the greater aviation industry we are working collaboratively with our stakeholders and partners on this pro-gram to implement the innovation and change necessary to protect our natural resources and allow future generations to thrive.  
  • DFW Airport has a goal to achieve Zero Waste (90% diversion from landfill). To achieve this goal, we are pursuing alternatives for materials that cannot be recycled. 

Q. Will alternatives be offered?

  • DFW Airport is encouraging all of our concessionaires and business partners to offer a naturally biodegradable or compostable straw of their choice to customers upon request.
  • Alternates could include paper straws or straws made from organic materials. 

Q. Will there be more changes in the future?

As we move toward a Zero Waste goal of 90% diversion from landfill, DFW Airport will explore more ways to reduce our environmental impact. 

Q. What about those with disabilities who need a straw?

Exceptions will be provided for those with disabilities. 

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