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This is a paragraph. - Skylink: The Quick and Easy Link Between Terminals 

Skylink: The Quick and Easy Link Between Terminals 

Connecting You On Your Journey

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When transferring between terminals inside of security, many of DFW's traveling customers look to the bi-directional train system, Skylink. If you aren't up for walks between terminals, the Skylink train transfers you to any of the five terminals in a matter of minutes. Look for the gold, yellow, and blue signs inside of the terminals that say “Skylink” and take the escalator, elevator or stairs up to the station.Trains arrive every two minutes, with an average ride time of only five minutes. This service is free to all customers and there is no ticket or pass needed to board.

You can also use Skylink to visit shops, dining options, and services in other terminals. While on Skylink, be sure to enjoy the breathtaking views along your ride and take a photo of the many planes departing and arriving.

Fun facts to know:
  • Skylink is the world's largest automated Airport bi-directional train system
  • Transports approximately 5,000 passengers per direction per hour
  • Average speed of a train is 35-37 MPH
  • Its track system spans 26,000 linear feet (4.81 miles)
  • Since its opening in 2005, Skylink trains have traveled 32,465,945 miles 

Find Skylink

There are two station locations in each terminal:

Terminal A
  • Between A13 and A16 and between A29 and A34
Terminal B
  • Between B9 and B12 and between B28 and B31
Terminal C
  • Between C8 and C12 and between C27 and C32
Terminal D
  • Between D11 and D20 and between D24 and D34
Terminal E
  • Between E8 and E11 and between E31 and E32
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