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Allways VIP Services
D22 Pre-Security
Allways VIP services include navigational accompaniment from curb-to-gate, gate-to-curb, and gate-to-gate. Customers can make reservations to enjoy support from our trained staff. A list of services and pricing can be found at
Animal Relief Areas (Inside Security)
A28, B29, D18, E31
Convenient locations Inside Security for your pet's needs. Simply take a walk, or ride on Skylink, to visit these areas near gates A28, B28 or E31. Each terminal also has grassy areas Outside Security.
Animal Relief Areas (Outside Security)
A8 (lower level Outside Security), B49 (lower level Outside Security), B5 (lower level), C2 (lower level Outside Security), C39 (lower level Outside Security), D17 (Arrivals Level Outside Security), D30 (Arrivals Level Outside Security), E38 (lower level Outside Security)
Fresh air and grassy areas are available at each terminal for your pet's needs Outside Security. For locations Inside Security, walk or take Skylink to special rooms near gates B28 or E31.
Be Relax
B28, D21
Be Relax offers airport passengers well-being and beauty services such as manicure, pedicure, and massages as well as their own premium travel and massage products. The D21 location also offers hair washing and blowout services.
DFW Airport Interfaith Chaplaincy
A24 (Outside Security), B25, C15 (Outside Security), D40, E4
The Airport Chaplaincy is a Pastoral Care center serving airline personel and passengers of all religious traditions with concern and confidentiality. The people in need are at the Airport every day, and some visit DFW Airport once in a lifetime. Visit for more information.
Hair Salon offered by XpresSpa
A25, D34
Need a style, trim or cut? The full service hair salon within XpresSpa is ready to serve you.
Lost and Found
E4 Bag Claim
There are two Lost and Found operations at DFW. For items left on an American Airlines plane, visit Inside Security near Gate C2 or call 972-425-2465. For all other items lost at DFW Airport, visit Outside Security near the E4 Bag Claim from 5:00 AM-10:00 PM or call 972-973-4420.
Luggage Cart
Throughout the Terminal
Throughout the Terminal
Nursing Room
A18, B40, E14, E27
Privacy for Mom. For the Door Access Code for the A18, B40 and E14 locations, call 972-973-4982. Moms are also welcome at Minute Suites at A38 and D23, with 30 minutes complimentary usage of a suite when available.
Pet Hotel (Paradise 4 Paws)
3010 N. Airfield Drive
Paradise 4 Paws is a premier dog and cat resort located near the north entrance of DFW Airport offering all the amenities imaginable for our four legged friends. Open 24 hours. For more information, call 972.456.0010 or visit their website.
Shoe Shine by Elite Shines
A14, A23, B9, B28, C11, C27, D21, D34, E6, E18
Elite Shines offers shines and friendly service, with locations in each terminal.
Relax and energize with a hot shower at Minute Suites. Private showers are available in conjunction with a suite rental or as a separate service. All shower amenities are provided for you to enjoy an invigorating shower experience.
Spa Here
Immerse yourself in massages and spa treatments in a luxurious environment that focuses on privacy, comfort, and relaxation. Spa Here will have you refreshed and ready to complete your journey.
USO Center
The DFW Airport USO welcomes service personnel from all branches of the military and their families, offering many services such as a sleeping room, TV lounge, video games and a children’s area. Open every day from 8:00 AM to 10:30 PM.
A25, D33, E31
Step into a luxurious atmosphere of peace and tranquility. XpresSpa is a premium, first-class spa. Sit back and relax, with services such as: head massage, foot and leg massage, back and shoulder massage, manicures, pedicures, and more. Hair salon services are available at A25 and D33
Yoga Studio at DFW Airport
D40, E31
Take a minute to relax and stretch between flights at the DFW Airport Yoga Studio. Two relaxing studios are ready to welcome you at either D40 (in the hallway connecting Terminals B and D) or at E31. Mats are provided.
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