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Rolling Owner Controlled Insurance Program (R/OCIP)

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The DFW International Airport Board established a Rolling Owner Controlled Insurance Program (R/OCIP) as the wrap up insurance program to provide coverage for the entire DFW Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program (TRIP) as well as future airport construction projects.


R/OCIP Components

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Creating the comprehensive insurance and risk management program affords significant cost savings, hazard control, and mitigation of construction risks. Additionally, the “rolling” feature allows DFW Airport to apply this coverage to multiple and sizable construction projects.
Insurance and Administration
  • Contractor/subcontractor enrollment
  • Employee background checks
  • Drug screening
  • Site badging
Claims Management
  • Investigation
  • Medical referral
  • Case management
  • Return to work programs
Capital Assistance & Bonding
  • Underwriting Assessment
  • Contractor training seminars
  • Dedicated safety training facility
  • Mandatory, two-day training program:
    • Orientation video
    • OSHA 10-hour class
    • English/Spanish construction language basics
    • CPR/First Aid overview
    • Job hazard analysis/pre-task planning
    • Tailored/specific construction safety needs
  • Supervisors participate in an additional one-day training course:
    • Management Skills (leadership, communication, conflict resolution
    • Cultural Awareness

R/OCIP In Action

ROCIP New team image jan 2016

On January 14th, Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) Airport’s Rolling Owner Controlled Insurance Program (R/OCIP) with its partner Turner Omega Howard (TOH) celebrated one year of no loss time injury on the construction site of Part B of the Terminal E parking garage. The Terminal E garage is being renovated as a part of DFW’s Terminal Renovation Improvement Project (TRIP).  Representatives from TOH and DFW Airport congratulated the group for their successful safety performance. The highlight of the celebration was a barbeque luncheon catered by Spring Creek Barbeque. Over 360 construction workers and staff members participated in the celebration. 
DFW Airport’s R/OCIP was implemented to provide safety management, site control, insurance cost savings, and the ability to mitigate losses for large, long term construction projects on DFW Airport property.  
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