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Concessions Happy Couple ImageTerminal A Request for Proposals
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Proposals Due
Due to the November 23, 2010 announcement that DFW Airport will provide natural gas service to Food & Beverage locations in Terminal A, the submission deadlines have been extended for most Food & Beverage locations. The Terminal A submission deadlines appear below:

Extension of Proposal Due Date
Due to the Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday on January 17, 211, the due date for Food & Beverage proposals (excluding Package FB05, Gelato or Frozen Yogurt) has been moved to January 18, 2011.

Proposals Due
December 17, 2010
Proposals Due
January 18, 2011
All Retail   All Remaining
Food & Beverage Packages
(Except Package FB05)
All Passenger Services 
Package FB05
(Gelato or Frozen Yogurt)

On each due date, proposals must be delivered by 2:00 p.m. CST to:
DFW Procurement Warehouse
3122 E. 30th Street
DFW Airport, TX 75261

Phone: 972 973 5600
Email: bellis@dfwairport.com

The due date for natural gas questions has expired.


Addendum No. 1 (Revised)Questions and Answers through October 4, 2010
Addendum No. 2Terminal A Sales by Location;
Questions and Answers through October 11, 2010
Addendum No. 3Revises Packages FB03, FB04 and FB12;
Questions and Answers from the October 15, 2010 Pre-Proposal Conference
Addendum No. 4Extends Proposal Due Date to December 17, 2010;
Questions and Answers through November 5, 2010
Addendum No. 5Notification of Revised Proposal Packages and Updated Tenant Design Manual
Addendum No. 6Questions and Answers through November 9, 2010
Addendum No. 7
Revises Package SVC02
Questions and Answers through November 14, 2010
Questions and Answers from the Design/Build-Out Review Conference on November 11, 2010
Addendum No. 8Revises Package FB05
Addendum No. 9Revises Packages FB05 and FB12
Revises Attachment 3 – Terminal A Map
Questions and Answers through November 19, 2010
Addendum No. 10
Announces natural gas access for terminal locations.
Extends due date for most Food & Beverage packages to January 17, 2010.
Establishes a Questions and Clarification period for natural gas items until December 30, 2010.
Addendum No. 11Questions and Answers through November 23, 2010
Addendum No. 12Revises Packages FB01, FB08, FB13, RTL05 and SVC02
Revises Attachment 3 - Terminal A Map
Questions and Answers through November 22, 2010
Addendum No. 13 (Revised)Provides additional clarification for FB03 and FB04
Answers to outstanding questions
Addendum No. 14Revises Tenant Design Manual
Addendum No. 15Clarifies submission of financial information requested in Addendum No. 13.
Addendum No. 16

Requests financial information from Food & Beverage Proposers.
Revises Attachment 2 – Draft Concession Lease Agreement.

Addendum No. 17Extends the Due Date for Food & Beverage proposals
(excluding Gelato or Frozen Yogurt) to January 18, 2011.


Cumulative Questions & Answers from Addenda No.’s 1 – 15

  • For background preparation in preparing your RFP, including videos, workshop presentations, and information about the Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program, please visit www.dfwairport.com/trip/concessions.
2010 Concessions Forum & Customer Service Celebration
2010 DFW Concessions Mystery Shop Scores
Presentation from the Design/Build Out Review Conference, November 11, 2010
Attendees at Design/Build Out Review Conference
Contractor Resource List
Presentation from Terminal A Pre-Proposal Conference
Attendees at Terminal A Pre-Proposal Conference
Incumbent Concessionaire Bonus Points for TRIP RFP
Concessionaire Partnership List
 Current and potential concessionaires who are interested in partnering on DFW Airport concessions opportunities
Concession Owners Meeting, March 29, 2010
Doing Business at DFW Airport Overview
2009 Concessions Customer Service Awards
DFW Concessions Mystery Shop Scores 2009
Concessions Forum Celebration, November 18, 2009
Concession Owners Meeting, September 9, 2009
Concessions Forum Presentation - May 7, 2009
Concession Owners Meeting, February 24, 2009
Food/Beverage and Retail Concession Performance Assessment by Jacobs Consultancy
Facilities Maintenance Guide
 Financials (Schedule of Charges)
Tenant Design Manual for TRIP-related projects in Terminals A, B, C & E
Tenant Design Manual for non-TRIP-related projects in Terminals A, B, C & E
Tenant Design Manual for non-TRIP-relate projects in Terminals A, B, C and E – Addendum 1
Tenant Design Manual for Terminal D
 The purpose of this DFW Concession Tenant Manual (Manual) is to familiarize concession tenants with Airport construction and to provide guidelines for the design and construction of Terminal D concession spaces. Additionally, this Manual will provide your design and construction team with a step-by-step system for preparing and submitting design-compliant plans for review and approval. Tenants are encouraged to be innovative and creative in the design and layout of their spaces. The Airport does not intend to design your space, but it does intend to maintain continuity in design image of a consistently high level. Dimensions and details shown in this Manual define anticipated building conditions and are for reference only. It is the responsibility of the tenant to field verify as-built conditions of the lease space. Further, it is the tenant's responsibility to fully review the most current version of all the materials referenced, as this Manual does not contain all of the Airport's requirements. It is the tenant's responsibility to become familiar with the design intent and objectives outlined within the Manual.

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