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Let Your Mind Take Off With Your Flight

Stop by one of our bookstores or newsstands. 

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In the spirit of celebrating National Literacy Month, we have rounded up our favorite places at DFW where you can grab a book and/or magazine.  If watching a movie or listening to music on the plane isn’t your preference, use the time to catch up on a good read.

Reading has a number of great benefits. It can reduce stress, improve memory, expand your vocabulary and enhance focus and concentration.  Even better, it provides free entertainment!

Tip: Not an avid book reader? Doing brain puzzles such as crossword or word search activities are great options, as well as writing in a daily journal – and in this case, start your own travel journal!

Terminal A:
  • CNBC News
  • Hudson Books & News
  • Southwest News 
Terminal B:
  • Connections Made E-Z
  • CultureMapDFW News Connection
Terminal C
  • Daily News Express
  • DFW News Connection
  • Fox News Channel
  • Sierra News
  • Wall Street News
Terminal D
  • Connections Made E-Z
  • Hudson Books & News
  • Simply Books
  • Southwest News 
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Univision
Terminal E
  • Hudson Books and News
  • NBC-5 Travel Store
  • Southwest News

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