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Last minute changes to your trip or need to take an extra day of vacation? Prepaid Parking now offers more flexibility to extend your parking stay. Once your trip begins, you can adjust your departure date, so that your parking plans can work around your schedule. With a simple click you can take control of your schedule, on your schedule, on your time. See details below.
Q: How do I extend my stay?

A: Log in to your member account and navigate to “My Bookings” to view your reservations. Click on “Manage Bookings.” If your trip has already started (and is in progress), you will see an option to Extend Parking. This option will not be available for future trips.

Q: Can I shorten my stay?

A: Yes. You can shorten your stay after your trip has started, but refunds will not be issued if the total price is reduced.

Q: If I extend my stay and the price is reduced, what will happen?

A: If you are extending (not reducing) the length of your stay, and the new exit date/time results in a lower price, then a $0 charge/free extension will result.

Q: I don’t see an option to extend my stay. Does that mean I can’t extend my trip?

A: The “Extend Stay” button will only appear after your scheduled arrival and before your scheduled exit. You can modify your booking before your trip starts, or you can use the “Extend Parking” option once your trip has started.

Q: If I have already exited the parking facility, can I still adjust my desired exit date/time?

A: No. Trips can only be extended before the date/time of your scheduled exit.

Q: If I haven't created a member profile, can I still extend my stay?

A: Yes. Search for your reservation using the “Find my Purchase” feature and enter the email used for your reservation and the Reservation Ref or Reservation ID. As long as your trip has already started, you will see an option to extend your stay.


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