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Terminal E: The E Now stands for Enhanced. 

More convenience, technology, and new dining & shopping options

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Over the past few months, you’ve noticed that we have been transforming our terminals, saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new. 
DFW’s renovation efforts focus on extending the life of our terminals by replacing infrastructure and simply making it more efficient to park, check-in, proceed through security and locate your luggage.

We’ve incorporated more natural light, enhancing the openness of the environment so you can plan your journey by seeing what’s ahead. More seats, charging stations, and self-service technologies have been added for your convenience. 

By making DFW a travel destination in itself, we’re bringing a brand new palette of food options to add to your list such as local Dallas Fort Worth food spots that are buzzing in the area. We’re also enhancing the shopping experience by adding a variety of high-end retail, electronics, and gift shops.  

When traveling out of the renovated Terminal E, note that some gates have changed for some airlines. Here’s a list of our airlines serving DFW in Terminal E:
  • Air Canada – E21
  • Alaska Airlines: E11, E23
  • American Airlines: E35 – E38
  • Delta: E12 – E17
  • Frontier Airlines: E20
  • jetBlue: E23
  • Spirit: E18, E31 – E33
  • United Airlines: E25 – E30
  • Westjet: E22
For ticketing information use the following entry doors:
  • Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines and JetBlue customers use Entry E16
  • Air Canada, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines customers use Entry E20
  • American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, WestJet customers use Entry E35 

Don’t forget to stop by these new concessions listed below. Capture and share with us socially what you’re seeing when flying with us at # redefiningDFW
  • XpresSpa  – E31
  • InMotion Entertainment  – E16
  • Love Shack  – E11
  • Sonny Bryan's  –  E13
  • Texas Marketplace  – E15
  • Marshall-Rousso  –  E12
  • Camille's Ice Cream Bars - E13
  • Southwest News (Outside security) – E14 
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