Commercial Development News - International Commerce Park: Unmatched Connectivity

Feb 2018

International Commerce Park: Unmatched Connectivity

Comprised of 376 developable acres situated on the Northeast side of DFW Airport, International Commerce Park (ICP) is an ideal location for Dallas-Fort Worth industrial/warehouse and logistics businesses. The park is home to companies representing a wide range of industries, including Dallas Cowboys Merchandising, Aviall, Pratt & Whitney, Arizona Tile, DHL, and Simmons Mattress.

ICP was recognized by the Dallas Business Journal in 2011 as the “Best New Industrial Land Development” deal.  ICP’s businesses have created an estimated 3,219 jobs, generating roughly $131.6 million in salaries, and economic contributions of approximately $329 million to the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

With a convenient location at the center of the thriving DFW Metroplex, ICP has unparalleled access to transportation services including air and ground making it ideal for logistics operations. The added benefit of operating in a Foreign Trade Zone allows businesses to maximize and expand international trade and logistics, and operate without being subject to certain Customs duties or excise taxes.

Ease of access is one of the key factors in every site selection decision. The recent completion of the $1.1 billion DFW Connector project facilitates highway access into the Airport and ICP. The project was designed to reduce congestion along the northern corridor of the Airport, on Highways 114 and 121. At its widest point, the highway is 24 lanes-and there are now 39 bridges, new ramps, and frontage lanes. Drivers will save time as a result of the five reconstructed highway interchanges. The project doubled the number of lanes drivers can use and added direct connect ramps were none existed before.

Currently, ICP contains nearly six million square feet of warehouse space, making it one of the  largest industrial facility in the Metroplex.  The park is nearing capacity, with only a 13.4 acre development site remaining.