Commercial Development News - Drive Nation Sports Facility in Full Swing at DFW

Jul 2018

Drive Nation Sports Facility in Full Swing at DFW

A new generation has inspired former NBA All-Star Jermaine O’Neal to begin an innovative venture. O’Neal, the founder of Drive Nation Sports, located on DFW Airport, has teamed up with numerous big-brand sponsors and the latest in sports science and technology to “provide the nation with the best youth sports facility this country has ever seen” – Jermaine O’Neal.   

In January 2017, DFW Airport Board executed a 40-year ground lease agreement with Drive Nation Sports LLC to build a state-of-the-art youth sports and training facility on approximately 16.2 acres of land. The new facility is located near the south entrance of the Airport, in close proximity to DFW Airport’s Terminals. The 75,000 square foot training facility is now operating full swing, hosting local leagues, club teams, individualized training, national tournaments and camps for basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, futsal and overall sports performance.  At the rate Drive Nation is booking, total expected visitors at the facility for the first year will hit more than 750,000. Ultimately, outdoor fields and ancillary buildings will be added to the campus as well.      

“Everything they teach us at the pro level about health and wellness, both physically and mentally, we want to be able to teach kids at a younger age,” said O’Neal. “One of the biggest misconceptions in youth sports right now—people think that playing all the time makes them better. It’s the opposite. When you play a kid so much at a young age, it can ruin his or her development physically. We want to protect that.”

O’Neal sees the facility as a platform to highlight local athletes and has big plans for securing scholarship dollars to ensure that Drive Nation is accessible to athletes of all backgrounds.  He is attracting major companies and creating partnerships to bring national tournaments and camps to the site. The facility offers live-stream practices that will allow a coach, scout or professional team watch the athletes from across the U.S.; helping the athletes in a variety of ways to get the exposure they need to get noticed.  These connections expose the athletes and inspire the players to grow.

O’Neal knows that teaching the athletes to be respectful and disciplined enough to accomplish their own personal goals builds character. He believes there’s more to sports training than just skills development and he teaches nutrition and academic importance, emotional wellness, leadership and character building along with participation in community service.  While only a small number of athletes will participate in professional sports, O’Neal believes that the hard work and determination that these athletes learn at Drive Nation will help them throughout their lives.  Recently, he scheduled career day visits for the kids.  The athletes had the opportunity to visit different companies to see a variety of other careers outside of sports that may interest them.  His mission through Drive Nation is to develop a paradigm in student athlete training that focuses on the whole person.    

DFW Airport’s central location and status as a global super-hub with non-stop flights to more than 200 destinations make Drive Nation the perfect facility to host national tournaments.  The airport can easily accommodate the athletes and coaches flying in for events and activities. 

“Business wise, this location makes a lot of sense and is the best place because of the surrounding cities and access,” said O’Neal. “We are working with partners that DFW will be proud of, we will create a model that this country has never seen before; there is no comparison. Most importantly this is a Partnership – We, Us, Team, not just I type of business.”

O’Neal is focused on giving back to the community through sports. He serves on the coaching staff and his team is comprised of experienced and knowledgeable coaches. Drive Nation is now accepting registration for all sports activities at the Drive Nation Sports Complex. Please visit  

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