Commercial Development News - DFW International Airport Maximizes Operations and Reduced Costs for Aviall

Feb 2018

DFW International Airport Maximizes Operations and Reduced Costs for Aviall

“The proximity of the airport is a key factor in our operational success and has enabled us to enhance our outbound shipping capabilities,” said Ed Dolanski, CEO of Aviall. “With the sheer volume of shipments and turnaround demand,
allowing us options to continue shipping later in the business day is huge. We’ve been really pleased with the support we receive from DFW. It’s an excellent place to do business.” 

When Aviall, the world's largest provider of new aviation parts and related aftermarket services, outgrew its Farmers Branch location in 2001, the company sought a facility that could expand in tandem with its growth. According to
Dolanski, Aviall’s home at DFW International Airport provided more than just size and expansion options; it offered opportunity to maximize operational capacity and efficiency and reduced the overall cost of business. Almost every
function of the company’s global business is now represented virtually “under one roof” in its home at DFW. Plus, the Chapter 380 Agreement tax with the City if Irving offers significant savings in ad valorem taxes. 

Aviall, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, is engaged in global distribution of original equipment aircraft parts and other aviation-related products to businesses that perform maintenance on aircraft and aircraft
components. Its DFW facility acts as headquarters and central warehousing hub for the company’s global business.  The primary facility encompasses over 500,000 square feet of warehouse space and 100,000 square feet of offices.
A smaller facility across the street houses additional offices, along with three FAA-authorized repair stations. 

The company employs over 1,350 employees globally with around 900 employees located in three facilities at DFW Airport who fill a wide range of functions, including supply chain forecasting and procurement, product warehousing
and fulfillment, product repair and repair management, sales, customer service, and marketing, and executive and administrative activities. 

Aviall receives around 6,000 customer orders per business day, most of which must be shipped the same day. Its DFW location reaps the advantages of extended service from FedEx and UPS, who provide pickups well into the evening.

Additionally, the large number of daily outbound commercial flights, including flights to many international destinations, allows Aviall to ship urgent orders (known in aerospace as AOG—Aircraft On Ground) using airline counter-to-counter services. Aviall makes about 50 AOG shipments each week.. 

“We have a unique culture, paired with operational complexity”, says Dolanski who is tasked with overall direction of Aviall and acts as its primary channel into Boeing’s leadership. “There is a definite advantage to having the majority of our workforce and most key functions centrally-located at DFW.” 

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