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Industrial, office, research, hospitality, restaurant, specialized retail


South end of DFW Airport


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Property Description

Passport Business Park (PBP) is a development district located at the south end of the Airport and has been identified as a 598-acre master-planned, mixed-use development with a combination of industrial, office, research, hospitality, restaurant, and specialized retail uses. The portion of PBP east of the proposed north-south Passport Blvd. will be developed for industrial uses, and the portion west of the main Passport Blvd. will comprise the mixed-use components. Passport Business Park is conveniently located on the southeast end of DFW with portions located in Tarrant and Dallas counties. 

Given DFW’s location in the center of the Metroplex, and the ease of access provided by the surrounding roadway system, the proposed development is well positioned for increased growth and benefits from the proximity and visibility of the southern airport entry. Passport Business Park allows for industrial uses clustered at the east side of the park. Industrial expansion, coupled with the existing greenbelt, will serve as a buffer along the southern side. Given DFW Airport’s location in the center of the North Texas region, Passport Business Park is well positioned for increased growth and benefits from the connecting State Highways 183, 161 and 114.