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DFW Foreign Trade Zone

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International Commerce Park (ICP) is a 376-acre master-planned logistics park with more than six million square feet of warehouse space – all successfully leased. Accessible to multiple transportation services for optimal intermodal operations, the facility is designed to provide unmatched economic benefit and synergy for industrial warehouse and logistics businesses. ICP is home to DFW Airport’s largest non-terminal venture to date

ICP is located in the DFW Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), with imports and exports to facilitate the development of international trade and air freight logistics as well as expand world air cargo growth. Formal guidelines for construction, architectural design elements, environmental sustainability, and aesthetic landscaping programs are enforced to preserve the premier character, integrity, and quality of the development. Annual economic impacts from ICP in 2016 estimated 3,880 jobs and contributed $329 million to the DFW region.