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Cool Down For The Summer

Time to get the scoop.

Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, rocky road… what do you think of when you read these words? That’s right… ice cream!

Ice cream is a delectable treat for people of all ages, and appropriate to serve on many occasions. There is something special about the delicious treat that provides fun, summer memories. July is National Ice Cream Month, so let us help you melt away your travel stress with some sprinkles and sweetness.

Looking for something with fewer calories? Hint, hint: Frozen yogurt is a great option, too. 

Check out our ice cream and frozen yogurt locations inside of our terminals:
  • Baskin-Robins (B43, C17)
  • Camille’s Ice Cream Bars (E13)
  • Pinkberry (A19, A25)
  • Red Mango Yogurt (B10, C22)
These aren’t the only places that you can enjoy a sweet ice cream treat. Many of our restaurants have a dessert menu featuring an ice cream item. View a list here. 

As you treat yourself to some ice cream at DFW Airport, here’s a fun history lesson for you: 
The origin of ice cream in America dates back to the 1700’s, where ice cream was known as a decadent dessert enjoyed only by the powerful and elite. America’s first president and first lady, George and Martha Washington, reported to have spent $200 on ice cream during their summer gatherings. By the late 1800’s, people started hosting ice cream parties and topping them with fruits and syrups, giving birth to the original ice cream sundae. 

By the 1900’s, with the rise of soda fountains at diner shops, restaurant owners had to think of clever ways to help sell more sweet items on the weekends. One weekend at a parade celebration in Philadelphia, a few workers ran out of ice to keep the soda drinks cold and resorted to finding something cold to place inside the soda drinks. The accidental combination of soda and ice cream gave birth to the ice cream float!

Happy Summer Travels!

Source: International Dairy Foods Association

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