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This is a paragraph. - Before the Runway, Play at Gameway

Before the Runway, Play at Gameway

Add fun to your travel downtime. 

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A new form of entertainment has landed at DFW Airport and it’s the first of its kind. 
Come and discover the first airport video gaming entertainment lounge, Gameway, with two locations now open at gates B42 and E16. 
Customers can enjoy some of the newest and best Xbox One games such as FIFA 18, Star Wars Battlefront, NBA 2K18, Marvel Super Heroes 2, Minecraft, Madden NFL, Rocket League and many more. All games are downloaded so that customers can sit and play right away. A full list of games can be viewed here. 
Each playing unit includes a large 43” 4K TV, a comfortable leather chair, noise cancelling headphones and a place to charge a phone or tablet.  
For a small fee, you can come, sit and play with us at Gameway today. Players of all ages are welcome.  
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