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DFW Airport Driver Certification

DFW Airport Driver Certification 

DFW airport provides a free training program for all drivers on the Air Operations Area (AOA) of the airport. 
The driver training and certification program is a part of DFW Airport Operations Technical Training (TechTrain) program and is offered to all drivers with access to the AOA free of charge. We offer certification for a number of different driver types.


Effective February 27, 2019, driver training became mandatory for all drivers on the AOA. Because of the size of the DFW community, and the number of SIDA badge holders with a need to operate a motor vehicle on the AOA, the training is being phased in over a period of two years. Non-Movement Area driver training is now being handled by Access DFW through an online training course that must be completed by all new and renewing drivers during the SIDA badging process.

The Access DFW office and Driver Simulators have moved to Terminal B, B17 (outside security)

Access DFW Image Moved Terminal B

What is AOA?

The AOA is divided into two parts: 
  • The Aircraft Movement Area (AMA), simply referred to as the Movement Area 
  • The Non-Movement Area (NMA). 
The Movement Area is heavily regulated by the FAA. It consists of the areas outside of the Non-Movement Area Boundary Marking and includes the taxiways and runways. All vehicle operators seeking unescorted access to the Movement Area must be authorized by the Vice President of Operations and must complete training prior to entering the Movement Area unescorted. An AMA driver training and certification program is a part of DFW Airport Operations Technical Training (TechTrain) and is offered to all qualified drivers free of charge.
The Non-Movement Area consists of those areas within the Non-Movement Area Boundary Marking and includes the ramps around the central terminal buildings and the ramps around the hangars and cargo facilities.

SIDA Badges

While we do work closely with Access DFW for certain driver requirements, we are not primarily responsible for setting up or issuing your SIDA (Security Identification Display Area) badge. If you need more information or are looking to obtain a SIDA badge, please visit the Badging page for more information.

Badging at DFW

Vehicle Permits

Access DFW is also responsible for permitting vehicles that will be entering the AOA without an escort. AOA permits, including AOA Vehicle Access Permits, Temporary AOA Vehicle Access Permits and AOA Equipment Permits, are the means by which motor vehicles and ground handling equipment are authorized to enter and/or be on the AOA. Vehicles and ground handling equipment entering security gates, commonly referred to as “AOA gates,” must display valid, unexpired AOA permits or be under escort by an agent of the Airport Board, or a representative of the airlines or a tenant responsible for the AOA gate through which the vehicle or ground handling equipment is entering. All vehicles entering through an AOA gate and ground handling equipment being brought into the AOA are subject to inspection by security personnel.

More information can be found on our Badging page. 

West Cargo Access

Users needing Code 136 added to their SIDA badges must complete the driver training as described on this site. Once training is complete, your Authorized Signatory will need to request that the code 136 be added to your badge through the SAFE system.

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