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Helpful Information

DFW Airport Fire Services is dedicated to serving the flying public and visitors alike.  As a result, the following list of commonly asked questions has been compiled. Please click on your topic of interest found below:

1. Fire Station Locations (Back to Top)

2. Occupant, Owner, Tenant & Customer Fire Safety Training (Back to Top)

The DFW Fire Service Department believes that human intervention through education and training will provide DFW Airport with a higher level of fire safety. Occupants, owners, tenants, and customers may request from the Fire Prevention Section education and training classes for employees and guests to educate and train people to prevent and respond appropriately during a fire emergency.

Available classes include:

  • Fire Extinguisher Operation
  • General Fire Safety
  • Restaurant Fire Safety
  • Aviation Fueling Safety
  • Fire Drills
  • Emergency Planning

Some of the training offered above is available at no charge.  If interested, please contact Fire Suppression at 972 574 5533 or email firemarshal@dfwairport.com.

3. Burn Awareness and Treatment (Back to Top)

As a public service, DFW Fire Services offers the following information on the prevention and treatment of burns.  The Fire Department reminds the public that burns of any degree can be serious and often require immediate medical treatment.

4. Obtaining a Construction Permit (Back to Top)

Construction Contractors and other personnel with the intent of performing construction within the Airport boundary must first apply for a permit.  Permits are required by the Airport Fire Code that constitute permission to engage in any of the following:

  • Maintain, store, or handle materials
  • Conduct processes which produce conditions hazardous to life or property
  • Install equipment utilized in connection with such activities
  • Install or modify any fire protection system or equipment or any other construction, equipment installation, or modification.

If you have questions, please call 972 574 5533 or e-mail firemarshal@dfwairport.com.

5. Medical Billing Questions (Back to Top)

Billing and record services for medical emergencies occurring within DFW Airport are provided by Intermedix Technologies, Inc.  They can be contacted at

PO Box 940249
Houston, Texas 77094-7249
888 735 9559
866 579 8325 Fax

6. Medical Billing Schedules (Back to Top)

For a complete listing of costs associated with DFW Medical Services, please click here.

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