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Terminal Curbside Changes Coming

Active Loading/Unloading

Curbside areas at all DFW Airport terminals will soon be designated for active loading and unloading. This change will provide better traffic flow and safer curbside operations for customers.

Signage indicating active loading and unloading zones began posting in early July and will be complete at all Terminals by the end of August. DPS officers and parking attendants will be present showing customers where to park and how best to access the terminals.

Beginning September 8, 2018, these changes will be enforced by DFW Department of Public Safety at all Terminal curbsides. 

What other Parking options are available for drop off and pick up?
  • Parking garages are available at each terminal at no additional cost. This includes all 1-hour parking and 2-hour parking spaces. Customers needing additional time to pick up or drop off passengers should park in these spaces.
  • The North Cell Phone Lot, located just outside of the Parking Plazas is also available to customers at no cost. 
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