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Curbside Changes In Effect

Changes to Ground Transportation Provider Locations

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DFW is making changes with the Curbside Reallocation Plan to improve safety and traffic near the terminals.


Starting March 23 at Terminal E, April 13 at Terminal B and June 1 at Terminal D, the upper level curbside will be designated for: 

  • Passenger pick-up/drop-off
  • Transportation Network Companies such as Uber, Lyft and Wingz (Ride App)
  • Terminal Link (Located at lower level for Terminal D)
The lower level curbsides will be designated for:
  • Taxis
  • On-Demand Limos
  • Shared-Ride
  • Charter Bus
  • Express Parking Shuttle 
  • Remote Parking Shuttle
  • Rental Car Shuttle
  • Employee Bus
  • Courtesy Vans
  • AA Training 
  • Curbside Check-In

Similar changes were completed at Terminals A and C in February. These changes enhance the customer experience as it relates to traffic flow, efficiencies and ease of navigation. 

As of Sept. 8, 2018, all terminal curbsides were designated for active loading and unloading only in an effort to provide more efficient and safer curbside operations for our customers. Since those improvements, there has been a significant reduction in curbside congestion. Observations have identified a significant reduction in curbside congestion.

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