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Before you depart for the Airport, please take this opportunity to ask DFW your travel questions to make your trip easier and less stressful.  Below are some frequently asked questions, so be sure to check them out - we may already have a response to your question!  If we do not answer your question below, please e-mail DFW at AirportInfoCenter@dfwairport.com. You should receive a response within 72 hours.





Where can I find parking?
The Airport offers numerous on-site parking options for travelers of all DFW airlines. Click here to view DFW's Parking Recommendations.


Is designated handicapped parking available?
DFW Airport provides accessible parking in terminal, reduced rate and shuttle parking areas. Please click on DFW’s disabled_15x15.gifAccessible Parking Guide for complete information.

Where can I find a taxi and how much will it cost?
Taxis are available in all terminals at designated taxi stands curbside on the upper level. Estimated fare information is available at these taxi stands. Please visit our Taxi Guide for additional information.

Where does the train go/does it connect to DART?
The Skylink train serves all terminals, inside security. The DART rail service is located outside of security, at the lower level of Terminal A, A10. Please visit DFW's Transportation Guide for information.

Can I rent a car at DFW Airport?
The Rental Car Center is located near the south entrance of DFW Airport and facilitates the rental car transaction and pick-up. For transportation to DFW's Rental Car Center from the terminals, board the Rental Car bus located at the terminal lower levels. Please visit our Rental Car page for additional information.

What can I take through security and how many carry-on bags can I take on the plane?
Check with your airline for specific security and baggage requirements. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) limits each traveler to one carry-on bag and one personal bag (i.e., purse or briefcase). Please visit the TSA’s Travel Tips page for the latest information. Best advice: leave all possible problem items at home or place in checked baggage.

What are the latest Airport security measures?
For the latest Airport security information, please visit the TSA’s Travel Tips page.

Where should I pick up someone who is arriving at DFW?
Find out the bag claim area in which to meet your arriving passengers by visiting DFW's Flight Information page before arriving at the Airport.

Those picking up passengers may park in one of DFW’s one-hour parking spaces located on the first rows of DFW’s Terminal Parking. In addition, you may stop your vehicle at the terminal curbsides as long as someone remains in the vehicle at all times. The vehicle should be parked in designated loading and unloading areas. Unattended vehicles at terminal curbsides and other illegally parked vehicles will be towed immediately.

If you need assistance with locating your arriving passengers or have additional questions on terminal wayfinding, be sure to ask one of DFW Airport's many Ambassadors and they will be happy to help!

My children are traveling alone and are minors. Can I escort them to the gate, and who can meet them when they deplane?

Unaccompanied minor procedures vary by airline. Please check directly with your airline for specific requirements.

My grandmother is disabled/needs a wheelchair, can you arrange special assistance for her since I cannot go beyond the security checkpoint?

Special assistance for elderly and/or disabled passengers should be arranged directly with your airline in advance.

Where can I recharge my laptop, tablets, and various mobile devices?

DFW Airport offers sit-down power stations in all terminals, as well as four DFW Airport Travel Lounges (Gates B28, C8, C27, E8) and the Guest Services Center at Gate B14.  In addition, passengers can recharge without leaving their seat at multiple gate lounges throughout the Airport.

How do I page someone?

Paging telephones are available in all terminals. These phones have a white or red background with specific instructions for use.

How can I find out arrival/departure information? How can I find out which bag claim area to meet my arriving family?

Visit DFW's Flight information page for up-to-date flight status or you may contact your airline's web site or reservation telephone line for information. Specific bag claim information is available at flight information displays in each terminal.

What can I do while waiting for my flight to depart?

DFW departing guests have many options available in all terminals. Visit DFW's Shops & Restaurants page for dining, specialty retail and services information. Children’s play areas are located in Terminals B and C.

How do I reach the Airport’s Lost and Found?
Please contact for all Lost and Found questions here.

Where can I go to smoke?

Smoking is not permitted inside of any DFW terminals. Designated smoking areas are located outside of each terminal at the lower level. Please look for signs indicating the smoking areas. To access the outside smoking areas, you will need to exit past security. Please have your boarding pass and appropriate identification ready for re-entry through security. All designated smoking areas are located outside of each terminal at the lower level. Please look for signs indicating the smoking areas. 

Can I check my baggage at the curb?

Curbside baggage information is available through your individual airline. Please contact your airline for availability.

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