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Get Around DFW

Getting you to your connecting/transferring flights is simple at DFW International Airport with our two transportation services.



Skylink is a free light rail train that connects all five terminals and is the shortest route to your stop while inside of security.

  • Operates 24 hours a day
  • Trains arrive every two  minutes
  • Average ride time of 5 minutes
  • Maximum ride time of nine minutes between farthest points
  • Easy access to other terminals shops and restaurants
Terminal A
Between A13 and A16
Between A29 and A34
Terminal B
Between B9 and B12
Between B28 and B31
Terminal C
Between C8 and C12
Between C27 and C32
Terminal D
Between D11 and D20
Between D24 and D34
Terminal E
Between E8 and E11
Between E31 and E32
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