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Be a vendor or supplier to concessionaires

Concession operators at DFW Airport utilize a multitude of suppliers and vendors for their everyday operations.

Whether your company provides unique gifts or food items, or maintains electrical or plumbing equipmen, there are concession owners at DFW Airport who may be able to use your service.


  1. Click here to create a DFW account so you can tell us about your company. We will use your email address to tell you about upcoming meetings.  Also, other businesses can see your information and contact you with opportunities.
  2. Click here to download a list of upcoming concession locations. The list provides the concept name and operator for each location, as well as contact information. The information is presented by terminal. Maps for each terminal are available here.  Vendors may reach to these companies to introduce themselves and describe their operation and services.
  3. If applicable, certify your company as a Disadvantaged/Minority/Women Business Enterprise (D/M/WBE). If you have any questions, reach out to the helpful staff in DFW's Business Diversity & Development Department here.