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Solicitation 072318: Meet and Greet Service

This is a Request for Proposals for 1 Operator to become the Preferred Provider for Meet and Greet Services at DFW International Airport.

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Solicitation 072318: Meet and Greet Service

Request for Proposal (updated)



Package Document (updated)

Attachment 2: Sales Expectation Information


Exhibit A: Proposal Acknowledgment Form


Exhibit B: Business Disclosure Form


Exhibit C: Estimated Investment


Exhibit D: Pro Forma


Exhibit E: Summary of Financial Statements


Exhibit F-1: ACDBE Commitment Form


Exhibit F-2: ACDBE Intent to Perform


Exhibit F-3: Good Faith Effort


Exhibit F-4: Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise


Exhibit F-5: M-WBE Commitment Form (updated)


Exhibit G: Workforce Composition


Exhibit H: Proposer Checklist  

Standards of Operations


Concessions Contact Form for Non-Preferred Providers (updated)


Pre-Proposal Webinar Presentation


FY17 EPAX by Terminal

Addendum #1: Answers questions through August 8