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Terminal Development Programs

DFW Airport currently has two terminal development programs underway:

Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program
TRIP is a phased infrastructure enhancement program for DFW Airport's four legacy terminals:  A, B, C and E, all of which have contributed 40 years of service. 

Passengers will see improvements in their entire airport experience in these terminals:  parking, baggage claim, ticketing, security check-in, restrooms and gate lounges. 
The concession spaces are also receiving a top-to-bottom upgrade in each of these TRIP terminals.  Each concession space is redesigned to match current and future passenger traffic patterns.  The concepts for each concession space are determined based on customer preferences as well as overall terminal balance. The locations are made available to operators via a Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

The Concessions RFP process is mostly complete in Terminal A, and about two-thirds complete in Terminals B and E.  Additional B and E locations will be offered in 2015, and locations in Terminal C will be offered in 2015-2016.

Terminal D Master Plan
International Terminal D has experienced dramatic change since it opened in 2005, when it served 35 international destinations.  Today, Terminal D provides non-stop service to 55 international destinations, including Sydney, Dubai, Doha, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and, in 2015, Beijing.

With this increased international activity, DFW Airport has initated a revisioning of the concession offerings in Terminal D in order to meet the needs and preferences of the millions of customers arriving from around the world.

The Terminal D Master Plan will engage passengers throughout the terminal by creating an open environment with multiple concession choices that appeal to a global audience.  

New locations coming soon include premium brands such as Estee Lauder, Michael Kors, Coach, Mont Blanc, Hugo Boss and Tumi.  

The Duty Free operation, which is currently part of Request for Proposal process, will feature three locations, including a new central location that will be the centerpiece of the terminal.

The December 2014 RFP also offers dozens of other food & beverage, retail and amenities locations.  Click here for more information.