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Stay Healthy On The Fly

Visit DFW's 24/7 Onsite Urgent Care Clinic

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Different time zones, different altitudes and different cities can make you feel different. Your body has its own internal clock and traveling can sometimes affect your natural daily rhythm. The cold winter months also are when germs and sicknesses tend to be more active. 
To help combat the stress of travel and stay healthy on the fly, DFW has opened Code 3 Urgent Care & Pharmacy, a new 24-hour onsite clinic providing medical services for a variety of conditions and ailments. The new facility is located in Terminal D at Gate D25 on the upper level above Cool River. 
The Code 3 staff shares these three healthy tips for every traveler to follow.
  1. Stay hydrated. Flying can be stressful for the body, especially since you are descending through different altitudes and humidity levels. "Chances are, if you step off of a plane and you are not feeling like yourself, you are most likely dehydrated,” says the Code 3 staff.  “Water is sold almost everywhere in the Airport, so finding H2O isn’t a problem.”
  2. Wear a mask. It may look alarming to some, but wearing a mask not only prevents you from catching someone else’s germs, but from others catching your cold. Masks can reduce exposure to smoke, dust, fragrances and more, helping you breathe in fresher air. There are masks for purchase at Code 3.
  3. Stay home. When the doctor says to stay home, that’s an immediate order that will help you and other travelers in the long run. Regarding respiratory infections, traveling can oftentimes make the conditions worse. Changes in pressure can irritate the ears and can actually lengthen the condition. Rest at home, get some sleep and try to postpone your travel, if possible.
Code 3 currently treats these conditions: upper respiratory infections, sprains/simple fractures, x-rays, influenza, strep throat, nausea, insect bites, vision complaints, and more. For a complete list of conditions, visit their website. They offer a list of products for sale such as medicines, adhesive bandages, thermometers, diapers, and more.  

Travelers are welcome to speed up there visit by pre-registering and filling out the form on their website before their arrival.

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