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Parking Citations

Parking Citation Information

If you recently, received a parking citation at DFW Airport, the following information will help you. Read the FAQs to help answer some of your questions about your parking citation.

Pay Citation Online or By Phone

Visit this link to pay your citation online. To pay your citation by phone call 972 325-7737.

*American Express cards are not accepted for payments by phone.

Pay Online

Contest Your Parking Citation Online

Visit here for contesting your parking citation. Your citation number, license plate number, and VIN are required. 
Contest Your Citation

Office Location and Directions

View a map to the DFW Airport Ground Transportation and Parking Citation Administration Office.

Parking Citation FAQ's

The following FAQs will help to answer some of your questions about your parking citation. Click on a question below for the answer.

  1. I don't have the ticket number for the parking citation I received. What can I do?

  2. My ticket does not exist in the system!

  3. I think I may have more than one ticket. Can I pay all of them over the Internet?

  4. Can I get a receipt for the ticket(s) I pay over the Internet?

  5. I do not feel comfortable in giving my credit card information over the Internet. Is this site secure?

  6. Will there be time periods when the payment system is unavailable?

  7. I do not want to pay my ticket. Instead, I want to contest this citation. Can this be done over the Internet?

  8. When I enter my citation information, it shows the fine has doubled. Why is this and how can I contest?

  9. If I am experiencing other technical problems with my transaction, how can I get help?

  10. If my vehicle has been booted, can I still pay online?

  11. I sold my vehicle prior to receiving this ticket, but the new owner has not re-registered the car. Is there a form I can submit to the Airport?

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