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Linda & Ed Blackburn

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Louise, 2005

Linda and Ed Blackburn Image

DESCRIPTION: (20-foot diameter) This circular floor medallion is located along the Departure Level Concourse.

"The two main figures and the airplane relate directly to the movie Casablanca. The three figures along with the mood of the transitional sky relate indirectly to Giorgiones painting The Tempest. The style shows the influences of film noir, German Expressionism and the comic strip artist Milton Caniff.

"There is a general tone of romantic drama in the piece, and due to the third figure and the speaking of a name, a suggestion of confrontation. The heart of the image is the composition, designed to enrich the open-ended narrative by a flow of energy through the figures, into the turbulent-edged sky, and back again. The airplane shape serves as an equilibrium to these forces.

"Regarding its relationship with people at the Airport, the medallion offers a subtle enhancement to the underlying atmosphere of adventure and romance associated with travel. It also operates as a comfort zone due to its familiar theme and style. Most important in the nature of the piece is its essential aesthetic character. This is primarily determined through disrupting the overall balance of visual parts by the illustration of the spoken word. An introduction of a time continuum, in opposition to the painting tradition of timelessness. The piece still succeeds in wholeness and timelessness but does it in an unexpected way. A tradition of modern art."

BIOGRAPHY: Ed Blackburn, born 1940 in Amarillo, Texas; Linda Blackburn, born 1941 in Baltimore, Maryland. Ed & Linda Blackburn received BFAs in 1962 from the University of Texas and MAs in 1965 from University of California, Berkeley. The Blackburns currently reside in Fort Worth, Texas.

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