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Dennis Blagg (Outside Security)

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Cosmic Big Bend Landscape, 2005

Dennis Blagg Image

DESCRIPTION: (14 feet x 42 feet) This landscape depicts the Boquillas Canyon located in the northeast portion of Big Bend National Park. Located on the end wall of the North Ticket Hall, the painting was created using a grid system assembled so the viewer cannot discern that the painting consists of thousands of small panels.

“The Boquillas Canyon is located in the northeast part of Big Bend National Park. I call this area the Boquillas Badlands because it is some of the most inhospitable country that I have ever seen. The rugged terrain and prickly vegetation present difficulties which makes it hard country to hike across. The image I chose for this commission comes from that area, which in my mind stands as a symbol of the vast and rugged landscape of Texas.

“My approach to this rather large painting is to use a tight grid system so that it looks unbroken and continuous. The grid pays homage to the history of art itself, as well as giving this image a binary feeling, this opens the door from realism to abstraction. Each little panel becomes its own abstract entity. This approach allows the viewer to engage the painting from two different viewpoints. The first as a reality of a large landscape. Because the painting is made up of some 2,355 six-inch panels which span an area 14 feet x 42 feet in a horizontal format, one can’t help but notice that each panel is an abstraction unto itself.”

BIOGRAPHY: Born 1951 in Oklahoma City. Blagg is a self-taught painter who, during his 30-year career, has exhibited in more than 30 solo and group shows throughout Texas and New York City. Much of his work features landscapes of Texas’ Big Bend region. A compilation of 50 color and 20 black and white images was published in a 2002 book entitled Big Bend Landscapes by Dennis Blagg. Blagg was the recipient of the Texas Fine Arts Association Grumbacher Award in 1986.The artist's work is held in the collections of the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth; the Houston Museum of Fine Arts; the San Antonio Museum of Art; the Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi, Texas; JCPenney Co., Plano, Texas; Rosewood Properties, Dallas; and Nations Bank, Charlotte, North Carolina. Blagg currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas.

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