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DFW Airport Board Members

Mayor Rawlings Mayor Rawlings
Sam Coats William Meadows Bernice J.
Mayor Mike Rawlings Mayor
Lillie M. Biggins Henry Borbolla III Bridget M. Lopez Regina
Amir Rupani Mayor Linda Martin

2016 Board Meeting Information

Sep 1, 2016
August 30 Committee Agendas and Actions
Sept 1 & Aug 30 Board & Committee Addendum
September 1 Board Meeting Agendas and Actions
September Board Monthly Expenditure Report
Aug 26, 2016
PFIC Agenda
Aug 25, 2016
Employee Appeal Hearing - Cancelled
Aug 4, 2016
August 2 Committee Meeting Agendas and Actions
August 4 Board Meeting Agendas and Actions
August Board Monthly Expenditure Report
August 2 Operations Committee
August 2 Finance/Audit Committee
August 2 Consessions/Commercial Dev Committee
August 4 Board Meeting Minutes
Jun 30, 2016
June 28 Committee Agendas and Actions
June 30 Addendum Agenda and Action
June 28 Operations Committee Addendum
June 28 Conc/Commercial Develop Committee Addendum
June 30 Board Agendas and Actions
July Board Expenditure Report
June 28 Operations Committee Minutes
June 30 Board Meeting Minutes
June 28 Finance/Audit Committee Minutes
June 28 Retirement/Investment Committee Minutes
June 28 Concessions/Comm Dev Committee Minutes
Jun 22, 2016
Basic Trustee Training Class
Jun 2, 2016
May 31 Committee Meeting Agendas and Actions
June 2 Board Meeting Agendas and Actions
June Board Monthly Expenditure Report
May 31 Finance Audit Committee Minutes
May 31 Conn/Comm Development Committee Minutes
May 31 Ops Committee Minutes
June 2 Board Meeting Minutes
May 31 RI Committee Meeting Minutes
May 5, 2016
May 3 Committee Meeting Agendas and Actions
May 5 Board Meeting Agendas and Actions
May Board Expenditure Report
05-03-16 Finance/Audit Committee Minutes
05-03-16 Retirement/Investment Committee Minutes
05-03-16 Concessions/Comm Dev Committee Minutes
05-03-16 Operations Committee Minutes
Apr 7, 2016
April 5 Committee Meeting Agendas and Actions
April 7 Board Meeting Agendas and Actions
April Board Monthly Expenditure Report
April 7, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes
04-05-2016 Finance/Audit Committee Minutes
04-05-2016 Operations Committee Minutes
04-05-2016 Concessions/Comm Dev Committee Minutes
Mar 3, 2016
March 1 Committee Meeting Agendas and Actions
March 3 Board Meeting Agendas and Actions
March Board Monthly Expenditure Report
03-01-2016 Concessions/Comm Dev Committee Minutes
03-01-2016 Finance/Audit Committee Minutes
03-01-2016 Operations Committee Minutes
March 3, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes
Feb 4, 2016
Revised Feb 2 Committee Agendas and Actions
Revised Feb 4 Board Meeting Agendas and Actions
Monthly Expenditure Report February Board
02-02-2016 Operations Committee Minutes
02-02-2016 Retirement/Investment Committee Minutes
February 4, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes
02-02-2016 Concessions/Comm Dev Committee Minutes
02-02-2016 Finance/Audit Committee Minutes
Jan 29, 2016
January 29, 2016 PFIC Agenda
Jan 7, 2016
January 5 Committee Meeting Agendas and Actions
January 7 Board Meeting Agendas and Actions
January Board Monthly Expenditure Report
01-05-2016 Operations Committee Minutes
01-05-2016 Finance/Audit Committee Minutes
01-05-2016 Retirement/Investment Committee Minutes
01-05-2016 Concessions/Comm Dev Committee Minutes
January 7, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes
Disclaimer: Board Actions are drafts until approved by official action of the Airport Board. denotes an Adobe Acrobat PDF Document

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