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This is a paragraph. - A Travel Guide For Your Home, Office, or Hotel - DFW's Apple TV App

A Travel Guide For Your Home, Office, or Hotel - DFW's Apple TV App

The world's first airport Apple TV app. 

DFW has added to its digital portfolio by becoming the first airport in the world to provide its customers with an app for Apple TV. 

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The app consists of 3 features for your convenience:
  1. Flight Information: Customers can search for their flight and view important information such as departure time, allotted time left until departure, gate and flight status. A static dashboard of the selected flight will remain at the top of each screen, so the information remains conveniently accessible to the user.
  1. Parking: A map of the parking products at DFW is available for users to view general information, parking availability, rates, and the closest option to their gate. 
  1. Traffic Map: The app will pull in your location and plan a route from your starting point to DFW. Traffic and estimated time of arrival will also be shown to better plan your trip.
We'd love to hear your feedback on this new feature we are offering to you. Email us or tweet us your thoughts.

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